Towards enhancing livestock feed production capacity in the country

19-20 October, Bumthang: Around 25 participants representing ARDCs-Bajo, Wengkhar and Yusipang, RLDCs, feed companies and the National Research and Development for Animal Nutrition (NRDCAN) are attending the first consultative workshop on facilitating livestock feed ingredient production in Bhutan at Yoeserling Hotel.

At present, bulk of primary feed ingredients requirements such as maize, soybeans and mustard cake are met by importing from neighbouring country. As such, there is a huge scope for linking maize producing farmers and feed millers in the country to domestically produce and meet the demand for primary feed ingredients. It will pave the way for strengthening feed value change through involving key stakeholders in addressing various field related issues and challenges regarding sustainable primary feed ingredients production in the country.

During the meeting, participants will come up with a way forward and develop strategies to kick start initiation of growing maize, soybeans and mustard at large scale to support import substitution of feed ingredients.

The workshop is funded by FAO/TCP through the Livestock Production Division, Department of Livestock.


Reported by NRDCAN, Bumthang

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