World Soil Day Celebration

picturelogoThe “World Soil Day” is observed on 5thDecember every year since 2012. Under the leadership of the Kingdom of Thailand and within the framework of the “Global Soil Partnership”, FAO has supported the formal establishment of the World Soil Day as a global awareness raising platform. The FAO Conference, in June 2013, unanimously endorsed World Soil Day and requested official adoption at the 68th UN General Assembly. In December 2013, the 68th UN General Assembly declared 5th of December as the World Soil Day. Since 2012, the FAO- Global Soil Partnership has been organizing celebration events of this important day .(Source FAO)

The FAO encourages all member countries to observe the day annually. World Soil Day celebrates the importance of soil as a critical component of the natural system and as a vital contributor to the human commonwealth through its contribution to food, water and energy security and as a mitigator of biodiversity loss and climate change.

Bhutan joined the rest of the world in observing the day since 2014 with a modest observance at the Integrated Agriculture Technology Farm at Wangsisina in Thimphu Dzongkhag. This year, we join the global campaign to connect people with soils and raise awareness on their critical importance in our livesat Chuzergang in Sarpang and Thangrong under Mongar Dzongkhag.The objective of the day will be to create awareness on the importance of soil and its management. With almost 69% of our population depending on agriculture onlimited land resourcein difficult terrain and fragile ecosystem, the need for sustainable soil management to contribute towards sustainable development should be understood and supported by everyone at all levels.

Launching of Website for National Organic Program

On this day, the website for the National Organic Program (NOP)under Department of Agriculture and registration of Organic Operators with Bhutan Organic Logo will be launched and Organic Animation will be released by the Director General of the Department of Agriculture as theChief Guest of the event at Chuzergang in Sarpang Dzongkhag.

-National Soil Services Center

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