Workshop on Revision of NCD Vision and Strategy 2003

September 30- October 1, Thimphu: The Wildlife Conservation Division (WCD), Department of Forest and Parks Services organised a two days consultation workshop to ‘revise the Nature Conservation Division’s Vision and Strategy 2003’.


The vision and strategy document forms the basis for the management of protected area systems in Bhutan, and convening this workshop was considered timely considering that the strategy has been in place since the beginning of Ninth Five Year Plan, and many emerging challenges needed to be adequately addressed to guide the protected area management to perpetuity.

Further, it can also serve as a substantial input to guide the department’s conservation plan and formulate future five year plans. The two days consultation workshops’ collected the necessary inputs from the field managers in further leading to draft a revision of the protected areas management guide/document or legislation.

The two-day workshop was attended by all the park managers, chiefs of all territorial divisions and all functional chiefs of the Departments. The workshop was co-financed through GEF 5 funding with BTFEC and RGoB.

  • Submitted by Wildlife Conservation Division, DoFPs


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