Workshop on fermented fertiliser and MISO making

ARDC-Yusipang: As a part of the JICA Joint Partnership Programme on an Adaptive Organic Rice Production Research trial initiated in 2016, a workshop on fermented fertiliser and MISO making was conducted at the ARDC-Yusipang on January 28. Similar workshop was also held in Chimipang, Punakha.

The workshop was attended by officials from the National Soil Services Centre and researchers from the ARDC-Yusipang and Bajo. It was organised by the National Organic Programme, ARDC-Yusipang with a partial fund support from the JICA Joint Partnership Programme.

In the future, part of the soya beans promoted through the programme will be fermented and converted to Bokashi fertiliser. Bokashi is an important organic fertiliser used in Japan and could be one of the options to organic farmers in Bhutan as well.

MISO is a key ingredient in many Japanese dishes and as per the Japanese experts; its demand has been increasing in the capital, Thimphu. The experts and programme officials discussed on possibilities of linking the organic produces to some markets in Thimphu. Organic rice and soya bean produced through the project trial were used in MISO making.

-NOP,  ARDC-Yusipang

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