White Commercial Pig Breeds in Villages in Tsirang and Sarpang

White pig breed18 October, 2017: Interested pig farmers will soon have better choice of pig breeds. The commercial white pig breeds produced more than 800 progenies at Yusipang piggery farm following their import by the Department of Livestock in July 2016.As per the department’s mandates on white pig breeds, 40% of the F1 generation is being reared as Grandparents (GP) while another 20% will be retained as Great Grandparents (GGP) replacement stock, and the rest 40% that do not fulfil breeding criterionwill go as fatteners.

The GP will produce Parent stock (PS) or F2 that will reach state-owned pig multiplier farms and private pig breeders for producing fattener piglets.When the country is aiming for pork import substitution, this commercial pig breeds is expected to play a vital role in our endeavor to attain pork self-sufficiency.

In order to understand the adaptability of this new pig breeds, a total of 12 piglets were delivered to six selected piggery farmers for researching their performance under village condition. Of the selected farmers, three are from Tsirang and the rest three are from Sarpang dzongkhag. Each selected pig farmers received two piglets each. The selected farmers would provide proper shelter, feed and care to the animals and fatten for a period of nine months. The parameter such as weight gain, skin disease, morbidity and mortality pattern will be studied during the period. This research will help the National Piggery Research and Development Centre (NPiRDC), Gelephu to draft a management guidelines for this new breeds of pigs. During the distribution of piglets on 14th October 2017, many piggery farmers came forward to see white pig breeds and shown their interest in rearing this commercial pig breeds in their farm.

As per literature, white commercial pig breeds are found to produce about 10-14 piglets/litter, and weigh about 100-120 kilograms within 8 to 9 months. Whereas, the current coloured pig breeds produces about 7-10 piglets and weigh between 80 and 90 kilograms in 8-11 months.

-Submitted by  NPiRDC, Gelephu.


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