Vermi-compost launched at Bimtar

vlcsnap-2016-05-03-10h05m32s809April 27, Samtse: The Hon’ble Director General of Department of Agriculture, Mr. Nim Dorji and Offtg. Dasho Dzongda, Dzongrab Phuntsho Wangdi launched the Vermi-composting technology at Bimtar, Norbugang geog. The event showcased the process of composting organic waste. These vermi-compost technology was established on Sarad Gurung’s farm. It will act as a demonstration unit in the Dzongkhag. The program was initiated by ADAO Kinzang Chophel, Samtse  with the fund support for the his demonstration unit and its expansion from National Organic Programme (NOP) in 2015 -2016.

It is noted that the biggest problem facing the global agriculture today is decline in food production, degeneration in native soil fertility and deterioration in environmental quality due to application of synthetic agro-chemicals like fertilisers and pesticide.

The Director General said that the Royal Government of Bhutan have high concern for the health, well being and happiness of its citizens and finds it necessary to institute a system to assure the people with a supply of food and food materials free from unnatural treatments or synthetic agro-chemicals which cause a series of health and environmental hazards.

Additionally, he said that much efforts has been put in development of organic sector with organic agriculture technologies in Bhutan to enable the growth of clean and safe lifestyle for every Bhutanese through NOP.

DSC01430One such technology for organic farming is vermi-compost. It is one of the alternatives for supply of soil nutrients from organic sources. It is considered one of the major inputs in organic farming owing to its superiority over conventional chemical fertilisers and FYM.

Vermi compost is the process of making compost by letting earthworms eat organic materials and produce excreta rich in nutrients. It is a easy way to convert kitchen scraps and other organic matter into useful compost in short span of time.

Kesang Tshomo, the Program Coordinator for NOP during her address said that the vermi-compost is like putting multi-vitamin to the soil. She said it provides 14 nutrients to the soil

The application of compost to the soil will help increase soil fertility and increase yields as this compost is readily absorbed by the plants without having any side affects to the organisms dwelling in the soil. She highlighted ‘It returns soul to the soil.’

Kesang Tshomo also requested the audience to replicate such technology as it not only benefits yields but it also helps income generation and provides employment opportunities.

Vermi-compost can be used in all agricultural crops including horticultural crops, ornamental and vegetables. It can be directly applied to the soil and can be used as foliar spray for the supplement of nutrients and vermi-urine can be used as pesticides to control pests.

The technology and its comprise was officially handed over to Sarad Gurung to further flourish his business.

Reported by Tashi Yangzom, ICS


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