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  • Dear All,            I have been having series of discussions with the relevant stakeholders to import the asparagus from Bhutan to India,when we applied for the import permit the system was not accepting it,so I got an appointment with the plant Quarantine officer in Chennai  and discussed about the procedures. Outcome of the meeting Issue: The asparagus from Bhutan has not been listed in the Plant Quarantine Order 2003(Refer PQ order 2003 Schedule VI Serial Number 77 ) vegetable for consumption.So far asparagus has been accepted only from Thailand and Peru.So import permit will not be issued. Way Forward The are two ways we can address this issue and still take it forward,they are 1.With out import permit,importer has to get the commodity and request for a) Pest Risk analysis in the PRA form (attached with this mail) to the plant Quarantine Department and then provide, b).Technical data required for PRA (to be given by Bhutan Agriculture Department to the
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