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Request CHRO to correct the mess
  • With the recent selection of new CHRO in the MoAF to head the HR Division, we are quite optimistic that he will try to clear all the HR mess pertaining to the Ministry. The recruitment, the transfer, placement, promotion, training, tours.... the list goes on countless. Favouritism, nepotism, push and pull factors that exist in the Ministry should be up-rooted and corrected without further delay inline with the BCSRR. Some people survive and clung on with lip service and  through lots of spurious means to benefit themselves to hold on the post, obtain promotions, studies, ex-country training and tours from the genuine candidates worthy of. There are countless type of such people across all the departments, agencies and units in the Ministry. Wrong people in wrong post, mismatch in qualification versus post etc. Lots of things to unfold and correct..................
  • Help! Help! Help!!!!!!!! RCSC to shape the future of DoL, MoAF. The HROs in the
    ministry are playing zero role in staffing pattern and placement. They are
    complacent with the placement made by concerned departments under ministry.
    Indeed, HRO must be playing pivotal role in managing human resources in the
    organization. Due to negligence of HROs in the ministry level, see the staffing
    pattern in the department of livestock and this sort of practice is believed to
    have in other departments under same ministry. HROs are not there for taking just
    office order, they have great role to play in human resources development and
    make effective use of its staffs. The effective implementation of Human Resource Auditing is only last resort left
    for the Department of Livestock to change her staffing pattern and placement.

    The current staffing and management under department is distorted and shapeless
    as the department is heavily messed by sycophants. This has evidence that LPOs and
    VOs who are actually qualified and got selected through
    RCSC are placed under odd people at Dzongkhags, commodity centers and regional
    levels. Most of the DLOs and commodity center heads are Diploma holders,
    Bachelors without being selected through RCSC common exam and some are even Doctorate
    degree holder. Obviously,
    it is understood that DoL doesn’t want to lose those sector heads; because they
    are department’s candidate and appointed under department patronage. These DLOs
    and commodity center headsobviously found lavish with ego over no leadership
    quality. They are ego breeders as they fear of losing their post or officiating
    post and ill-treatment is advocated to RCSC selected graduates until date. The
    RCSC selected graduates (VOs & LPOs) are indirectly punished crippling work
    progress and achievement. The officiating people are smartly writingfull
    designation shamelessly and they don’t want to lose their title. Indeed, they
    want to have title throughout the life without undergoing any professional
    development hardship. It is ascertained that so long they are department’s
    candidate; they possessed no fear to victimize their qualified subordinates-displayed
    by their dealings and behaviorism. As consequences, VOs and LPOs are victimized
    and paralyzed by their lagging-ship and the work progresses are parked. This is
    fact and myths in the Department of Livestock.
    If department is respecting and showing integrity to RCSCs policy to retain the
    best and brightest civil servants ensuring effective and efficient utilization.
    It’s high time for DoL to really understand the problem of staffing and emerging
    ground realities. The department must do justice to motivate subordinates who
    are of quality and workaholic to encourage doing enough by creating conducive
    working environment for the interest of nation. The Director, HRO and divisional
    chiefs should not confused with the staffing of its department just because
    immediate data feeders are odd people i.e. BSc without RCSC selected holding
    the post of Project Director, Component Officer so on and so far at the
    department level.

    The over hauling of Human Resources in the department is desirable for the progress
    of Gonor. The department must take immediate bold decision to replace those odd
    people by RCSC qualified people before the working scenario become worse by
    remaining divided. The DLOs/commodity heads who are not selected by RCSC and
    diploma holders must weed out rather than making potential people to serve
    under their lagging-ship ultimately making as they are at the end of the day.
    We believe that progress of department will witness through proper staffing and
    placement. This is our humble feedback to department as we want our department
    to progress and celebrate success as common goal. We shall wait to see swift
    changes in staffing pattern before execution of HR auditing by the RCSC.

    DoL refrain from corruption. Fighting corruption is common responsibility, please show
  • Dear Author
    I agree and join with you

  • Dear Gonorpa,
    Why you are so boasting about your qualification????? Seems so Egoistic??? Yours qualification may not works when it comes at grass roots level....that is at our farmers level.... Those seniors...to whom you are blaming are the real persons who brought this Department in this level struggling hard in their service life of more than 20 to 30 years. In reality, qualification doesn't works, may be it works in paper writing and so on...but not at actual physical achievement. Please think the situation of our country and department going back 20 to 30 years back....There was lack of everything.....roads, foods, money and so on. And those seniors were the people working day and night...in those dark days.... and able to bring this department in this level... And you are blaming these seniors people... Even our Monarchs respects the seniors most by awarding medals etc., you must be knowing that... Please do not underestimates anybody by not having qualification or not having selected in RCSC examination.... They are still serving Tsa-wa-sum...Mind it..? ok... You are trying to create problems among the staff/official within department. If you feel so qualified...why not approach RCSC and complain or request for the highest post in the Royal Government of Bhutan. For your kind information...there are lots of vacant posts in high level....for example...Dzongdag of wangdue, Bumthang...even you can try for 3 vacant posts of Government secretaries...I think the post for DLO and Commodities head doesn't match/fit to you since you seems a qualified people   in Bhutan... Yours qualification...whether bachlor, master, PhD...it does't matter to us.... We need hard workers... Government might have recruited them as per need and experienced... Please....do not be so proud of your qualification...keep it in your pocket.. it might work one fine day,.....And remember....with such attitude, you will never success in your life...MIND IT....
  • watchdog
    dear pussy& gonorpa,
    I agree you both.Lets forget about the qualification or ego.But something definitely needs to be done.
    There are some DLOs who are working in the same dzongkhag more than a decade and with the immediate transfer of such officers would solve many of the problems.Because there are many instances of absolute favoritism to some of their hand picked ones and harassment meted to some innocents with  hesitation to use abusive languages which is quite demoralizing & demotivating.
    Also there are some staffs(mostly chamchas) who have been working more than fifteen years in the same place and they are the ones who poison the working environments by polishing  the bosses to gain the favours. They should also be transfered immediately.
  • The most issues are from department of livestock, in the forum MoAF website!!!!! Why???? No solution DoL. I suggest randomly reshuffle nationwide livestock staffs.
  • Dear Friends,
    I think there will be no smoke without a fire. Concerned agencies should either bring about changes for improvement or the relevant monitoring agencies...HRD, MOAF secretariat or RCSC should intervene.....

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