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Unfair nomination for study tour.
  • Something fishy is happening in HQ of forestry sector. Did anyone smell.
  • It is flow and totally become "system" it will take another 2 decades to agree Aum Niteen.

  • Dear Kishihipto,

    I suppose you work in Forestry and hence you smelled fishy in Forestry HQ only. It is same in all departments. Because all are insisting on self ignoring others.
  • The unfair nomination for overseas programs is rampaged in all the departments. The set of well pronounced rules just soothes the ears. Those who go outside gets going frequently.  
  • Its true what Lasola said.You all just visit Dept HQs and you will find HQ people talking about study tour and training abroad, where to go and when to go only and no other work.

  • If every donkey and monkey compare themselves with human you are bound to get yourself demotivated. Don't compare, it will only make you unhappy. Writing in this forum will not change anything, just help yourself to remain happy.
  • Study tour or travelling outside is meant for powerful people. Big bosses preach but they don't practice. If you really calculate number of working days and number of times and days those big bosses, who preach very much, spend going outside it would be more than 50%, if not more. Some people are often suggesting these bosses to rent a house in Paro in order to save money on cost of fuel to come back to Thimphu and travel back to Paro airport again. 
    What an unfair world is this?

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