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7th cohort BSc at CNR for 2016?
  • Dear sustainable planners,
    Is there next cohort of BSc at CNR for 2016? One batch of CNR diploma graduates gets matured in July 1st of 2016 eligible for the courses in 2016.

    Looking forward to receiving your facts and figures,

    Many many thanks
  • hi gmiston,

    i think there may not be Bsc upgradation programme from july 2016 owing to the following two opinions:

    1. entrance exam is not conducted in free and fare manner.
    2. just a huge burden to the government paying stipends and tuition fees.
  • I think it has to be continued to be fair to everyone in rnr. Dranyem and drangden
  • Everyone's point sincerely noted.
    What about if we study there at our own costs because going outside has so many saddles.
    Another option is studying online from there which has many fold of advantages.
    Thank you
  • Dear friends,
    I feel that 7th cohort in service BSc.Program at CNR may not be there for july 2016 intake la. Since all 40 selected and pass candidates for july 2015 intake was bleak as may have objected by rcsc lo. In other word, all pass 2015 colleagues may not get opportunity to upgrade their qualification lo. A source said that the intense discussion was in process for intake and may god help them all.
    It would be better if concerned agency could give them opportunity to upgrade for 2015 batches and 2016 batches hereafter respectively. July, 2015 batches qualifying for intake were the last batches and exhaust hereafter. Since cnr have resources and capacity for future intake, it would be wise to give opportunity to all la.
    Concern offices, please do talk with rcsc and solve the existing issues so that interested friends gets opportunity. Upgrading of qualification within the country slashes unwanted expenditure and create conducive environment to study amongst other. Ex-country studying have many disadvantages.
    So, somebody please come and rescue those wanting to study at cnr.

    Thanks and hoping for positive decision.
  • Dear friends!
    As I know as of know, the scholarship for in-service degree has been stopped since 2015, and the reason from RCSC, was that students passed out from CNR are not being able to perform in RCSC exams and score marks, Till date all the  students who passed entrance exams, were taken up by the college although the rules mention only top twenty to be taken, the other reason could be, the college engages students in works for more the 80% of the time, where by other colleges under  RuB does opposite.
    If you all are fortunate and could join the college, the education is whole sum, and by the time you passed out, getting job in the government is not a real deal, rather you would think other enterprising business or becoming better than civil servants as many of our colleges are doing.
    Self-financed studies here would be expensive comparing to other colleges though,.also physical work load is immense, also hostel facility is not good, problem of water, internet etc...
    some modules would be irrelevant and consume most of the time for some....
  • Dear all,

    Passing in PE/RCSC is not BIG deal here,you can review the past question papers and do excellent in paper.
    But BSc in CNR acquired beyond the horizon of knowledge than mere getting pass in PE. There are many window and not necessary to enter from door only.
     RCSC and department must reunite and must continue the intake of in service given the resources are in placed.

  • collapse;width:265pt"> Dear friends in far flung geogs and villages working tirelessly.I went through the training report of September 2015 and what I found was really interesting to know one accountant availed, Workshop on Developing Strategies for Communication, Partnership and Monitoring of the Regional Programme: Reducing Emmissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) Himalayas in Nepal instead of RNR Extension people from Forest, livestock or Agriculture, So I was wondering if accountant can avail such opportunity, why our extension colleagues are denied or goes unheard? will that person really help afforestation to reduce pollution and co-ordinate regional programs?
  • Hey colleagues,
    It's almost exam time for 7th cohort.What's gonna happen for 7th cohort.If there's no next cohort then it's little bit sad story.
    Anybody who can help correcting the situation is really a hero and a GOD.Ones action will be cherished forever.Something by someone should have to be done now otherwise somebody's and of manys lives will be a helly.

    Someone please help somebody for something.
  • Dear All,
    I am sure there will be no more B.Sc. for 7th cohort. Please do not be crazy to undergo studies, its demotivating at the end. Learn from internet, and other sources because you will realize that  you should have been working in the field instead. Its waste of time, money, health and family relations. CNR is not the ultimate college to upgrade your knowledge....Sharing my practical experience.....And more importantly, RCSC is not in favor of in-service although it is clearly reflected in BCSR 2012 that preference shall be given to in-service candidates.

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