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believed to be a new grasshopper species
  • Mr. josip skejo is my facebook friend and he shared me about a grasshopper species believed to be new: he found the image on flickr photographed from wangduephodrang. so he wants the permission to name it in honor of her majesty the queen jetsun pema. he had sent a paper for peer review also. what can we do?
  • Simply naming immediately at your glance may leads to forgery, unless you prove thorough research evidences of this species. You should also respect the Research Conduct. Are you first person to discover the sort of grasshopper species??
  • I suggest name it only after your thorough research evidences and worldwide presentation, publish ur paper, journal and discovery detail before you do it.

  • Authentic science and following due process of authentication is necessary in the scientific world. If you land up with wrong science, it will create havoc later than sooner.


  • I extensively support Tongchung & Life for interpreting their perspective which in fact is very true in science world. we cannot simply go on naming the new species upon view of individual. it must under go thorough research  which was not at all done in Bhutan, except in 1974 by few expedition to Bhutan has recorded countable numbers of species.The paper is the first comprehensive systematic account on the Ensifera and Caelifera of Bhutan. 69 species were identified which belong to the following groups:
    15 Tettigonioidea, 4 Gryllacridoidea, 31 Grylloidea, and 19 Caelifera. 
     The one species believe to be new to Bhutan must be exclusive of above species group. One need to be very observant as grasshopper change the physical body upon the change in environment condition

                                                                                                                            is just my opinion     


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