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to procurement office, forestry
  • forestry uniform for this year is still not received. why?
  • Mr. Jatsha, don't expect every thing from government sometime manage yourself, our Bhutan government is suffering like a hail by economic instability.  Think of mass not only your sake, the cost of uniform for each forestry personnel may cost more than 3000.00/head/year at minimum cost range, the department have the total strength of staff eligible for inform more than 600 staff in the country. {3000.00 X 600 staff =1800000.00} is total cost of expenditure only for your uniform. This money can be judicially used in many other purposes to up rise the economic instability.
  • Again u tongchung
  • Yes, Mr. Danger any problem.

  • Magnum boot is being issued now but people are still grumbling

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