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Request for the research fund
  • Sir/madam, i am doing research on the topic human wildlife conflict in kangpara village under tashigang dzongkhag.For that i am looking for some amount of fund which will help me for the successful conduct of my research.If your office could kindly grant me some amount of money i will be grateful to you.

    [NOTE: Recieved through MOAF contact us feature]
  • There are many field colleagues interested to conduct research in various fields. However, their interests to carryout the research is nib down with no proper guidance to follow research protocols and lack of fund for the research. We still don't know, to whom should proponent approach for research protocols and if possible fund.

    Could someone from relevant agency clarify on this, it would be great beneficial to the enthusiasts in the field.
  • As far as we are concerned I would suggest any proponent (s) to consult with CoRRB, MoAF because they are the governing body for any RNR related research activities.

  • Try Rufford grant online. You have opportunity to get upto 5000 pound sterling

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