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Clarification on personal pay and last basic pay.
  • Clarification is needed on personal pay and last basic pay to avoid audit objection. Due to PCS, the promotion of most of the incumbents have been stranded. Consequently, their increment have been stopped on reaching the last basic pay of their grade. However, based on new BCSR, the increment has been granted to the incumbents. While granting increment, their basic pay exceeds last basic pay. In some agencies, the amount so exceeded has been given as personal pay. In some agencies in addition to personal pay, increment has been added. While doing so, their basic pay has reached the basic pay of next higher grade. So, the agency place the incumbent in next higher grade. In this connection, may I request the concerned authorities to clarify whether the system some agencies follow is as per the administrative rules? If not, please rectify before the audit objects. Thanks.

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