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MoAF Forum getting extinct
  • I think, I am only the one seeing the forum. No body has posted since April 18 in connection with CFO timber approval. This happening might be due to action not taken/corrected by the competent authorities. Nevertheless, I request all to share your feelings through this forum. On day your feelings will be heard or taken consideration which will benefit all.
  • Dear Lasola,
    I share your concerns and I think this extinction is due to many factors; some of them being 1) uploading malicious comments, 2) comments being complaints, and 3) senior bureaucrats being too busy to respond....Hon'ble Sanam Lynpo used to reply to relevant comments in the beginning. For me personally, I feel the forum should be used for good purpose, to highlight ministry's important issues, debate on again important issues, to share information, seek information and probably as a last resort-to make complaints.
  • Yes I agreed with the Author. Any issues can be discussed, suggested and solved with the help of this Forum.
    All the best and long live the MoAF Forum.
  • The only way to really keep this forum active and alive is to respond by the concern agencies or a individual when the questions are raised in this forum. All the responsible heads who need to respond just shy away and turn blind to the queries.

    Now from APEX to BOTTOM have to really participate......DON'T LET IT DIE, JUST MAKE IT BRIGHT.
  • And also i would like to request moderator of this forum to upload the post to the earliest....why do you take 3-4 days to upload it....hope everyone observed?

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