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  • Dear All,

    Recently we (members of DoFPS) received an order from our Hon'ble Director General, regarding the maintaining of forest uniform decorum. I personally welcome this initiative because, of late, forestry department has been losing its image especially with regards to uniform. Being one of the oldest department of the country which got institutionalized in 1952 we should be far ahead than most of the uniform wearing organizations of the country. In this respect, I have observed following points as of why we are lacking uniform discipline. 

    1. Forestry Uniforms are issued to all kinds of staff under DoFPS, whether trained or untrained in basic army rules (Eg. ESPs, Drivers, GSCs and not to forget our own forest officers (most lacks army discipline)).
    2. Yearly forestry personnel is issued with forestry uniform, but never with a complete set (sometimes no belt, no jacket, no pullover, etc)
    3. At times, the uniform so issued are also not to the size (For instance, in year 1, over sized jackets are issued and our colleagues with short height are submerged inside the jacket. In year 2, small sized jackets are issued and to our colleagues with tall height, the jacket covers only upto their back.  
    4. The worst case scenario is that, same green uniform is also being issued to Ward boys of Hospitals and Sweepers in the Centennial Market. When these people are out of their work station (hospitals and vegetable market), general public view it as indisciplined forest staff without any uniform code of conduct. Therefore, to really maintain the uniform decorum in such case becomes difficult. Few suggestions for improvement:

    A. Train all levels of forest personnel in basic army rules (from CFOs to Asst. Foresters)
    B. DoFPs should hold coordination meetings with the MoH and Centennial Market Authorities to ban issuance of green uniform.
    C. DoFPs should issue right sized uniforms as per the list submitted by concerned forest offices with complete set.

    Then and only then, will we be able to make difference. 

    I know its easy to suggest things, nevertheless why don't we give it a try. Above are just my RAW feelings and no hard feelings towards anyone within the family of DoFPS. I post this only to improve the image of our Department - an oldest Department. Readers may disagree with me.


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