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IFS course offered to inservice
  • Unlike in the yesteryears , IFS position is now offered to inservice candidate. Few questions in my mind - Is it because past IFS graduates, who were preservice general Bsc. graduate are underperforming? Is it because there were mismatch between their undergraduate studies and IFS course they have undertaken? Is it because of the BIG ego the IFS graduate normally carry despite of having zero knowledge of forestry sciences? And many more????
    Do you think rcsc took right decision by offering the opportunity to the inservice candidates?

    Please give your honest views.

  • I think RCSC took the right decision. It is appropriate sending the experienced forestry professionals for the IFS (administrative and management) course rather than sending fresh B.Sc. graduates who do not have any professional background on forestry or wildlife management. They come back with tons of ego in them. Although, they carry lot of egos (that's how they were trained to give orders as claimed by some of the IFS graduates), they have little knowledge on forestry or wildlife management. Ofcourse, I appreciate some of the IFS graduate who are really performing well after some years of experience. But those are few individuals who have optimum ego and high self esteem. Rather, many of our IFS graduates (not all) could not resist to implement their egos rather than showcasing the professionalism in their work place. I find them having difficulty in adjusting to work place and colleaugues because of their ego. My sincere request to young IFS graduates, if you want to shine please minimize your ego and learn from experienced field staffs and colleagues working around you. Let your Indian ego die in Deradhun, and keep our Bhutanese 'tha dam tse, ley jum dray".
  • Well pronounced  and justified by Mediator. Cheers!!!
  • I can  smell the ego issuing from the writers of these posts instead...BSc. lifesciences graduates are taught on wildlife and myriad spectra of forestry (Botany, taxonomy, biochemistry, biotechnology..etc)...Egoism is innate and everybody covertly harbors it in the secluded portions of their hearts..need not necessarily be from someone with IFS degree...Bhutan is a small place and instead of playing blame games, why not focus on jointly achieving greatness for our country?

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