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ToR of BG vehicle
  • Hi,
    Any one can feedback what could be the ToR of Vehicle supplied to respective offices. I'am concerned that we field staff never get opportunity for official purpose duty. The vehicle is always doing to duty for his/her personal duty.
  • The vehicle supplied to respective offices can be used generally by all officials for official purposes. No one can use it for his/her personal purpose as per standing rules. If one can not avail the vehicle due to prior allotment to other officials, one can use his/her vehicle and claim mileage. It is not necessary to use the vehicle of the office while doing official field duty.  In some case, the vehicle is supplied for the duty of the head of the office, then it is up to him/her whether to deploy it for sub-ordinate staff. If you feel that the vehicle is being used not as per the rules, you can write to the concerned authority. There is no boss without boss. Every boss has boss.
  • S.O.S. The first sensible management step
    required (by RGoB) is the removal of all pool vehicles, starting with dedicated
    pool vehicle- one civil servant using 24 x 4 for official and private works. Of-course,
    exceptions will be there like...government ministry secretaries, cabinet
    members and utility vehicles like ambulance. BG vehicle is one of the major demotivating factors in civil service.

  • Purpose is to carryout the official work effectively..

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