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Save Bhutan from Pollution - A Story
  • This is to request your kind end to understand my short but true story and to kindly convey the message to those innocent ones and the relevant agencies and organizations to safe our motherland " BHUTAN" from pollution. The story looks funny but sensitive and happened with me, an Agriculture Extension Agent.

    The story goes like this, on 28th of April, 2015 on the way to T/phu to Samtse highway, in the bus...I was one of the passengers there. After few minutes of journey, a woman, at the age of mid 40's started taking out the small plastic packed with doma(bettle leaf & nut). She started having it, she even offered her seat mates, then ones the plastic got empty, she threw it from the bus window to the roadside. I felt bad. After a while, in a soft voice told the lady, " Ama...you should not throw the items which are not degradable like this because this may destroy our own environment. Just imagine few years after, the situation of our country, if we happen to throw like this. We have to take care of our environment and preserve the best for the future generation". She didn't speak a word to me. I too kept quite. The bus arrived at Tsimakoti, stopped there for the breakfast. All went into the nearby restaurant and had the breakfast. After breakfast, passengers got back into the bus and started the journey. After a while, that woman came with few empty mineral water bottles, few plastics and juice bottles. She looked at me and then threw it from the bus window. Again a woman, nearby her by the age about late 20's threw the same items from the bus window, " saying " keep Bhutan clean" and looking at me. Ohh my God, what women are they, I was surprised to know that and even to face such an incident. I didn't tell anything to them but told to the bus conductor that they(bus drivers & conductors) must also control passengers from throwing non degradable items. He accepted my request but later saw himself throwing. I couldn't do anything, except REGRETTING for telling them. I thought, if I haven't told them they might not have thrown such a bulk of non degradable items. They just wanted to show me that they too have right to throw as they are citizen of Bhutan, not knowing the future impacts. A BIG EGO.

    With this bad but true incident of mine, I would like to request your kind end to further request the relevant agencies or organizations to provide all the relevant people(working under environment related jobs, eg. RNR) to provide with small cards with the certificate eligible/right to tell and control every such innocent people to keep our country safe from Major Pollution before it is too late. Without such, cards or rights to tell, there is chances that people might even hit person like me, who thinks to Keep Bhutan clean and safe for future generation.

    I would be very much grateful, if my request and worries are fulfilled by your kind end please.

    --Dorji Wangmo

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