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government land lease
  • it is something related to lease government land, if suppose i wanted to establish farming business and i dont have a land, do i have any probablity of getting land. if yes i would be grateful if u could email me the formalities and directions. thank you.

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  • I am not sure of how far I can feed you on this matter. However  with the little idea I have on this I would like to respond. The chances of getting GRF land on lease is possible provided you have a concise project proposal concerning to your business. Since the authority of GRF land falls under forestry department, you should visit them who will process hereafter. 

    The land your are looking should not be Tsamdro although it is under GRF. 
  • If you are planning livestock farm/s, route it through DLO with really good project proposal. Similarly if Agri...go through DAO and so on.
  • Procedure:
    1. Apply through geog adm
    2. Geog will forward to dzongkhag Adm
    3. Than will direct forest dept. for verification
    4. Forest dept. will issue forestry clearance based on field facts.
    5. Follow up with dzongkhag environmental officer and committee for final clearance.

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