Users’ Training on Bhutan Biosecurity System (BBSS) underway

1. Users’ Training on Bhutan Biosecurity System (BBSS)
Users’ Training on Bhutan Biosecurity System (BBSS) underway

To cope with the amendments made in the rules/procedures to implement bio-security measures in the country, the Bhutan Biosecurity System (BBSS) has been upgraded to meet the additional requirements which would be deployed for use by BAFRA officials. In order to familiarised BAFRA officials on the use and functionalities of the upgraded system, two days training each for Livestock Regulatory and Quarantine officials and Plant Regulatory and Quarantine officials are being organised on 29-30 June 2016 and 11-12 July 2016 respectively in two batches at the Faculty of Nursing and Public Health.

BBSS is a system for collection, storage and reporting of information related to Biosecurity. It was developed to improve public service delivery in an efficient and cost effective manner, reduce administrative workload, and enhance record keeping for analysis and traceability in regulatory works.

It was initially developed with assistance from the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications of the MoIC and was launched in August 2012.

 The upgraded system has the following features:


  1. Online import application processing and issuance of permit
  2. Online export application processing and issuance of certificates
  3. Maintains record of quantities of plants/animals and their products imported/exported
  4. Maintains a record of in-country movements of livestock/plant and their products
  5. Maintains a records of plant/livestock products inspected and certified
  6. Maintains a records of ante-mortem and post-mortem inspections conducted on food animals
  7. Maintains a records of diseases detected at ante-mortem and post- mortem inspections
  8. Maintains record of illegal encounters and action taken
  9. Generate report

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