Update on vegetables delivered on 31 August

 As we clock into the 21st day of lockdown, our team started with the ritual of delivering 127 crates of pears (2.54 tons) and 186 bundles of spinach to all the shops in the zones. This was followed by a day long delivery of vegetables to 98 shops in all the zones. For tomorrow’s delivery, we have potatoes, large sized chilli, beans, fresh cabbage, brinjal, and cauliflower.

Please place your order at 1009. While we try our best to sort the vegetables and deliver to shops, there have been complaints of low quality as well. We request you to return any low standard vegetables. We will be happy to replace them. Please insist on the cash memos, when your orders are being delivered.

The idea behind the zoning and approval of shops is making available such essential services to the population of that zone.

Please place adequate stock of orders so as to ensure that people who visit your shops in different time segments can get to buy vegetables.

Stay home, Stay safe!

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