Two Days Farmer’s Training on Citrus Fruit Fly and Powdery Mildew Disease management methods.

The Citrus fruit fly (Bactrocera minax)
The Citrus fruit fly (Bactrocera minax)

The National Plant Protection Centre (NPPC) under the Department of Agriculture is organising a two days (21 and 22 April 2014) farmers training at Kikorthang and Dunglagang gewogs under Tsirang Dzongkhag on Citrus Fruit Fly and Powdery Mildew Disease management methods.

Citrus fruit fly (Bactrocera minax) is one of the most serious pests of citrus (mandarin) in mid and high altitude citrus growing areas. This program is being conducted as part of the area-wide fruit fly control program conducted in Kikorthang gewog since 2013 and in Dunglagang gewog starting 2014 season. This program has focused on effective community mobilisation in order to manage this pest with the use of environmentally friendly approaches like protein baiting and fruit drop collection. The two day program will train farmers on the fruit fly biology, protein baiting techniques, safe handling of pesticides and spray equipment. Farmer’s groups will be formed to implement the program in these two gewogs. The program is envisaged to demonstrate and raise farmer’s awareness on the benefit of managing this pest in a coordinated manner and over seasons by employing simple and effective techniques.

fruit fly2For the Citrus Powdery Mildew Disease, farmers will be taught on the disease biology, epidemiology and management methods.  Citrus powdery mildew disease is attributed as one of the major disease responsible for citrus decline in several orchards.  The disease becomes severe and kills young flushes when spring weather is dry and warm.

The training will be conducted in the local language using farmer friendly tools such as pictorial representation of disease infected citrus plants, fruit fly life cycle etc. Altogether, about two hundred farmers from these two gewogs will be trained during the two days.

The training is organised in close collaboration with the Agriculture Sector of the Tsirang Dzongkhag Administration with financial support from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) funded Citrus improvement project managed by the Horticultural Division of the Department of Agriculture.  The resource persons for the training will be from the National Plant Protection Centre, Semtokha.

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