Tsirang inaugurates a model poultry layer farm

A model poultry layer farm with a capacity of 500 birds was inaugurated at Pelrithang of Gosarling gewog on 7 February. It was attended by the Chief Representative of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Director General of Department of Livestock, Chairman and officials of Miyagi Farm Co, Japan along with senior officials and farmers from Tsirang.

The farm was funded by JICA with technical input from Miyagi Farm Co to transfer effective organism (EM) technology based farming knowledge to poultry farmers of Bhutan. This transfer of knowledge is expected reduce cost of production, increase farm efficiency, increase use of local resources and develop egg brands for international market.

Unlike conventional method of using saw dust as litter material in Bhutanese farms that needs frequent changing,  this farm will promote and use EM which will reduce farm odour and without requiring to change litter materials for years, thereby saving considerable amount of labour. EM are various blends of predominantly anaerobic microorganisms in a substrate with positive effect on growth and production of plants and animals. Further, the farm will use staggered production system ensuring continuous supply of eggs unlike existing all-in all-out system of production practiced by Bhutanese farmers. The farm is also fitted with technology which uses steam for heating system for brooding and reduces dependency on electricity supply.

Two batches of training of trainers for extension officials and farmers is planned to disseminate this technology to other Dzongkhags. The first batch of training will be conducted in May 2020.

The farm is an outcome of memorandum of understanding signed between the Department of Livestock, Bhutan and Okinawa prefectural government of Japan in October 2018 and has potential of revolutionising the poultry farms in Bhutan if adopted widely.


Submitted by RLDC-Wangdue


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