Tsirang celebrates Social Forestry Day

Untitled-6Tsirang Dzongkhag saw Desuups in collaboration with Tsirang Forest Division and Dzongkhag Forestry Sector celebrating Social Forestry Day by planting tree species. One hectare of barren and degraded area in Menchuna, Kikorthang Geog was taken up for tree plantation by the Desuups. Hon’ble Dasho Dzongdag, Tsirang Dzongkhag Administration was the Chief Guest.

Around 1000 saplings of Champ (Michelia sp), Guli (Persia sp), Tsenden (Cypressus corneyana), Angarey (Phoebe sp.) were planted on the day with participation by Desuups, foresters, staff of the Dzongkhag Administration, Royal Bhutan Police, Monk bodies and regional offices. The 1 ha land has now been adopted by the Desuups and from here on, the Desuups will look after the management aspect (weeding, cleaning, casualty replacement) of the imposing plantation till the plantation is fully established.

Tsirang Forest Division

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