Training Workshop on Protected Area Management Effectiveness

UntitledWildlife Conservation Division, Department of the Forests and Park Services is currently conducting a three days training workshop on ‘Protected Areas Management Effectiveness’ at Lobesa. The workshop is facilitated by two international experts namely Dr. Nigel Dudley and Dr Sue Stolton, Research Equilibrium, UK, and attended by CFOs and Park Rangers from the project sites (WCNP, PNP, JSWNP, RMNP) and JDNP among others.

The main objectives of the workshop are to firstly, to introduce management effectiveness (ME) assessment: best practices, tools, global targets and data collection, introduce how ME links to management standards and secondly to discuss how this workshop links into the ‘Bhutan for Life’ project,  thirdly to train participants in the use of the management effectiveness tracking tool (METT), discuss how to enhance the METT and the possibility of developing some Bhutan specific modules and finally to plan the long term institutionalization of ME in Bhutan.

Assessing Bhutan’s protected area is one of the department’s priority activity as per the 11th Five Year Plan targets. In this line, this process will lead to the development of a standard framework for assessing Bhutan’s protected area. This workshop is organized through WWF Eco-life project ‘Sustaining Ecosystems for livelihood’. The assessment of four protected areas (WCNP, JSWNP, PNP, RMNP) will be funded through the same project and is expected to be completed before the project comes to an end.

A similar assessment was conducted in early 2001 in JDNP, BWS, JSWNP using the WWF’s RAPPAM (Rapid Assessment and Prioritization of Protected Area Management) methodology.

Submitted by Wildlife Conservation Division

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