Training workshop on ABS Regime and ABS Toolkit

22nd June 2018: A training workshop on ABS Regime with a special focus on the ABS toolkit was held at the ConferenParticipants from BAFRA, Thimphu with Honorable Director Generalce Hall of the Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) for the BAFRA officials of Thimphu on 22nd June 2018 by the National Biodiversity Centre under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests. The training workshop was convened to the officials of BAFRA considering their role in the implementation of ABS Regime in the country especially being formalized as one of the designated checkpoints. The BAFRA as a checkpoint is significant in monitoring and tracking the access and utilization of the Bhutanese genetic resources through physical verification at the designated exit points such as airports and land ports.

The training Partiicpants from BAFRA , Paro International Aiportworkshop covered an overview of the national and international conventions, protocols and legal framework on biodiversity and ABS such as the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Nagoya Protocol on ABS, ABS Policy of Bhutan 2015, the rationale for the development of ABS toolkit, and comprehensively delved into the ABS Regime in the country. Further, a documentary on ABS was screened and a copy of ABS Toolkit was distributed to the participants.

The chief guest for the training workshop was Honorable, Director General, BAFRA and was attended by more than 20 officials from BAFFRA HQ and Thimphu office. Also on 20th June 2018, a similar training workshop was convened to the officials of BAFRA at the Paro International Airport. NBC also has the plan to conduct training workshops for the officials of BAFRA in other part of the country. The training workshop was supported by a project “Nagoya Protocol Implementation Fund” implemented by the National Biodiversity Centre which is funded by GEF-UNDP Bhutan.


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