Training on Vaccination and Deworming for Poultry Entrepreneurs

Participants at Tsirang with the resource persons
Participants at Tsirang with the resource persons

The Department of Livestock conducted a ten days training titled “Training on vaccination and deworming for poultry entrepreneurs” at Sampheling geog centre, Chukha (for Samtse & Chukha Dzongkhags, 2 – 11 June 2014) and at Damphu, Tsirang for Sarpang and Tsirang Dzongkhags (16 – 25 June 2014) for the poultry entrepreneurs. This training was conducted in collaboration with the Drug Regulatory Authority of Bhutan and implemented jointly by the National Centre for Animal Health and Regional Livestock Development Centres (Tsimasham and Wangdue).

With increased uptake of semi-commercial to commercial poultry farming, there is a huge demand for extension activities especially for poultry vaccination. The current manpower deployed in the Dzongkhag and geog livestock centres are not able to provide adequate extension services given the huge poultry population (Tsirang alone has about 200 registered poultry entrepreneurs with over 700 000 poultry birds). Therefore, this training was organised to build the capacity of the poultry entrepreneurs in areas of poultry vaccination and deworming so that the entrepreneurs themselves could undertake basic disease prevention activities (vaccination and deworming) in their own farms and also help others in their geogs.

This training mainly focussed on imparting practical skills on:

  • Administration of poultry vaccines including preparation, dosage, and route of vaccination and safety measures to prevent adverse reactions.
  • Administration of poultry deworming drugs including dose calculations, drug preparations, and dispensing.
  • Training on safe and ethical handling of birds during vaccination to reduce stress and ensure effective vaccination.
Practicals on Eye-drop method of vaccination
Practicals on Eye-drop method of vaccination

The practical training session covered vaccination for common poultry diseases including New Castle Disease (B1 and R2B strains), Infectious Bursal Disease, Fowl Pox, Marek’s Disease and deworming against common ecto/endoparasites.

The participants were first given basic lectures and then a thorough hands-on practical training at the training venue using real birds, vaccines and deworming drugs. This was then followed by supervised scheduled vaccination at poultry entrepreneurs’ farms. The participants were also briefed by DRA on the existing regulations on veterinary medicines/vaccines and on safe handling and storage of vaccines. A total of 27 and 20 poultry entrepreneurs at Pasakha and Damphu, respectively, attended the training program. These participants are now competent in poultry vaccination and deworming and will be certified as competent vaccinators for the listed vaccines and deworming drugs through the issuance of certificates. The training was funded by the Royal Government


Submitted by NCAH, Serbithang

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