Training on Statistical Methods and Analysis using SPSS

22 February, 2016, Phuentsholing: The RNR RDC Jakar, Department of Livestock is conducting a training on Statistical Methods and Analysis using SPSS at the City Veterinary Hospital, Phuentsholing from February 27 – March 5, 2016. The following are the list of participants as per the confirmation received.

Confirmed Participants List

  1. Pasang Gyelmo, RDC Jakar
  2. Karma Dorji, RDC Jakar
  3. Mindu, RDC Jakar
  4. Karma, RDC Jakar
  5. Kinga Dorji, RDC Jakar
  6. Thukten, RDC Jakar
  7. Basant, PD RLDC Tsimasham
  8. NK Thapa, NCAH, Serbithang
  9. Sangay Letho, RLDC, Kanglung
  10. Sonam Pelden, VO, RLDC Zhemgang
  11. D.B Rai, NDDC Yusipang
  12. MP Timsina, NDDC Yusipang
  13. BD Rai, RLDC Wangdue
  14. Karma Wangdi, NPDC Sarpang
  15. Jigme Dorji, NBC Serbithang
  16. Pema Sherab, NPiDC Gelephu
  17. Tenzin Penjor, NPiDC Gelephu
  18. Drukpola, NCA Gelephu
  19. Sonam, NHBF, Bumthang
  20. Ganga Maya Rizal, NCAN, Bumthang

The Resource Persons for the training are;

  1. Chencho Dukpa, CoRRB (Theory)
  2. Kesang Wangchuk, RDC Jakar (Practical)
  3. Ngawang Choden, RDC Jakar (IT Support)

The Participants are requested to bring their laptops and data (if possible in excel) for the training. All available slots have been filled and no further participants will be accepted to maintain the quality of the training.


The Training Schedule is as follows;

Date–          Morning (Theory Session)–          Afternoon (Practical Session)
27.02.16–          Overview of basic statistical concepts
o    Mean, median, mode

o    Measurement types – nominal, ordinal, scale

o    Treatments levels, factors, response

o    CV, standard error, standard deviation, 95% CI

o    P-value, significant vs not significant

o    Outliers – detecting and dealing with them before data analysis

o    Importing data from excel to SPSS

1.     Entering survey data, analysis & interpretation

2.     Computer application (Importing data to SPSS, Detecting outliers, plotting error bars)

28.02.16Comparison of two groups (means): data analysis
o    2 sample t-test

o    Checking assumptions

o    Setting up data in SPSS

o    Analysis in SPSS

o    Interpretation of SPSS output

Computer application with examples
29.02.16–          How to analyse data comparing a “before and after intervention” situation
o    Paired t-test

o    Assumptions checking

o    Setting up data in SPSS

o    Analysis in SPSS

o    interpretation of SPSS output

Computer application with examples
01.03.16Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
o    One way ANOVA

o    Unbalanced design

o    Assumptions of ANOVA

o    Normal distribution of data

o    Checking homogeneity of variance

o    Dealing with non-normal data

o    Dealing with unequal variances

Computer application with examples
02.03.16Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD)
o    ANOVA with blocking

o    Randomization

Computer application with examples
03.03.16Data analysis involving two or more factors (interactions)

Latin Square Design (LSD)

Computer application with examples
04.03.16Regression Analysis
 o    Correlation

o    Simple linear regression

o    Multiple regression

Computer application with examples
05.03.16Non-parametric tests
o    Chi square test of independence

o    Mann-Whitney test

o    Kruskall-Wallis test

o    Wilcoxon Signed Ranks test

o    Computer application with examples

o    Closing of Training Program


  • RDC Jakar


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