Training on RBS and SES for staff of Jomotshangkha Wildlife Sanctuary held

Field Survey (Mock)
Field Survey (Mock)

Jomotshangkha Wildlife Sanctuary (JWS) is the only Protected Area in Bhutan, which is not operationalized and does not have the management plan. However the preliminary works are underway. It is managed and administered by the Samdrupjongkhar Territorial Division.

The four days of training workshop on the Rapid Biodiversity Survey (RBS) and Socio Economic survey (SES) began from 18th of November and ended on 21st of November, 2014.It was attended by thirty three participants including five from Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary (SWS).The facilitators from Wildlife Conservation Division, DoFPS trained the staff of JWS and SWS on various survey designs and methodologies. The Training workshop was organized and conducted with the objective to prepare the staff on how to conduct surveys practically, in a more scientific way and get reliable data that will be ultimately used for the preparation of management plan for JWS. During the third day, the mock surveys were carried out to get hands on practical experience on laying plots, transects, equipment handling, identification of the plants, birds and mammals. The participants also were given a brief overview of how to analyze the data in a simple way. The consultation workshop was conducted with the financial support from WWF, Bhutan program.

-Submitted by Samdrup Jongkhar Territorial Division

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