Training on infertility management in dairy cattle underway

Practical sessions being done
Practical sessions being done

18-26 January, Tsirang: To orient the veterinary officers and breeding focal persons of the region on estrus synchronisation and fertility management in cattle, the Regional Livestock Development Centre (RLDC), Wangdue is organising a nine day training at Mendrelgang.

The training is being launched after the Dzongkhags in the region reported increasing numbers of bovine infertility every year since the establishment of RLDC.

The training is resourced by the animal reproduction specialist from the National Dairy Development Centre, Yusipang. It consists of practical sessions with necessary theoretical supplementation.

The participants will be equipped with appropriate skills that can play a crucial role to curve down the number of infertile dairy cattle. This will be done by properly managing the infertility cases in the field to help enhance production.

During the training, cows with low reproductive performances in Mendrelgang, Rangthangling, Kikhorthang, Goseling, Tsholingkhar and Dunglagang geogs in Tsirang will also be examined and treated.

The training is expected to enhance the skills of participants in managing the fertility in dairy cattle.

Submitted by RLDC, Wangdue

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