Training on Infertility Management and Estrus Synchronisation in Cattle

DSC00310-minThe Regional Livestock Development Centre, Zhemgang organised 12 days orientation program (Hands on training) on the Infertility management and Estrus Synchronisation in cattle from 5-16 May 2015. The training has been organised to orient field Veterinarians and breeding focal persons of the Dzongkhags of East-central region, with technical support from the National Dairy Development Centre, Yusipang, resourced by Dr. Lham Tshering, the Animal Reproduction Specialist.

The training intensified and created wider awareness on estrus synchronisation and infertility management in the region, with scope of expansion of the CHBBP program in potential areas. With the successful completion of the training program, all the participants expressed their fulfillment by acquiring appropriate skills, and committed to play pivotal role as a focal person in their respective Dzongkhags in infertility management. The participants will also be carrying out the estrus synchronisation programs in their respective Dzongkhags.

Estrus synchronisation protocol was as under:

  • Inserting of CIDR-B and subsequent removal on Day 7
  • Observing animals for estrus 24 to 48 hours post removal and two inseminations subsequently
  • Injection of Receptal 2.5 ml I/M after AI
  • Observation of inseminated animals for 48 hours

During the training, cows with low reproductive performance and relevant gynecological problems were also given due importance.

Number of animals synchronised: 70 nos X 2 Inseminations= 140 nos

Pregnancy diagnosis: 17 nos

Reproductive disorders treated/corrected: 12 nos

Other clinical cases (Mixed species): 22 nos

In-heat Artificial Insemination (AI): 8 nos

-Submitted by Dr. B. B. Bhandari, RLDC Zhemgang



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