Training on Electric Fence System for Agriculture Extension Officers

1As assigned to organize Hands on Training on Electric Fence Systems for six Eastern Dzongkhags, RNR RDC Wengkhar started practical trainings on Electric Fence Systems for Lhuntshe Dzongkhag from 29th Aug 2014 to 4th Sep 2014 . Organized at Chatrong village in Jarey gewog in collaboration with Dzongkhag Agriculture sector Lhuntshe, a week long training was participated by eight Agriculture Extension Officers of Lhuntshe Dzongkhag and 12 beneficiary farmers of Chatrong village, where a community based electric fencing was installed as a part of the training. The training was also attended by local leaders in the gewog.

Following the approach of “Learning by Doing”, the training course was mostly comprised of practical session with only few meetings like public consultations or framing by-laws for installation and post management of the fencing systems. Otherwise, most of the technical aspects of the fencing systems were taught in the field while installing the fence. The level of confidence and feedback given about the training approach was overwhelming. Majority of the participants expressed that they like the training approach.

A weeklong practical training resulted in installing 1.48 km solar powered electric fencing covering 27.67 acres of maize based agriculture farming in the whole Chatrong village. However, only 9.65 acres is cultivated at present while rests are left fallow due wild life like primates and wild boar raiding their crops. According to the village residents 50-70% of their total crop is lost to wildlife with at least one people guarding their crops.

Now with electric fencing installed with designs to prevent both monkeys and wild boar, villagers got a sigh of relief and they wanted to expand farming. Most members of the community are confident that the fencing could be effective. As a first experience in electric fencing, one of beneficiary farmer who encountered a wild boar coming in contact with electric fence was amazed to witness a wild boar screaming even louder than what it is used to be when struck by their hunting arrows.

Similar trainings are scheduled for Yangtse, Trashigang and Samdrupjongkhar Dzongkhag later this year. The cebtre by the end of this FY will have completed all the trainings. In Dzongkhags where trainings have been completed, the respective trainees are leading the establishment of electric fences. MAGIP – IFAD funds the electric fencing technology promotions in the east.

Submitted by: Chokey Nima, RA and Pema Thinley, RA Farming Systems

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