Training on Climate Smart Scientific Goat Production and Management

DSC_0086Bumthang: A Training of Trainers course on Scientific Goat Production and Management was held from March 28-31 for the livestock production and extension staff of the goat rearing Dzongkhags and the focal person of the Regional Livestock Development Centres. The training first of its kind; enhanced the basic knowledge and skills on scientific goat production and management. It was organised by the National Highland Research and Development Centre (NH-RDC), Jakar, formerly known as RDC-Jakar.

Goat is one of the first animals to be domesticated by humans about 9000 years ago. There are 200 different breeds of goat, producing a variety of products such as milk, meat and fine fibers. Besides, goats are being used for biological control of noxious weeds in many countries. In Bhutan, goats are reared mostly in the southern region for meat, manure, religious reasons and commercial purposes.

The Centre is currently studying the performance and adaptability of different breeds of goats like Beetal, Sirohi and Jamunapari through the establishment of the National Goat Nucleus Farm. The farm funded by Commodity Development Program (GoI) will supply quality breeding animals to the Dzongkhags.

Submitted by NH- RDC Jakar

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