Training of trainer on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in food handling

The training of trainers on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in food handling will be conducted from 26 to 28 December 2013 in NRDCL conference hall. The objective of the programme is to train food safety officials from BAFRA and representatives from other relevant private organizations on the use of GMP manuals and to get feedback and comments.

One of the mandates of Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA), MoAF, as a national food inspectorate since 2003 is to ensure foods are of good quality and safe for human consumption. With the changing times, increased urbanization and globalization, there are so many food business units of different types and sizes coming up in Bhutan. The consumers at large are also much aware that the food they consume must be safe for consumption and it is the responsibility of BAFRA to put in food safety management systems to make food safe.

To reinforce the food safety management system in the Country, BAFRA under FAO/TCP, has fielded an expert to develop GMP manuals for meat handlers, street food vendors, processing plants, etc. These manuals will be circulated among food business operators (FBOs) for compliance to ensure sound management of food they cater to consumers. Manuals also contain ‘own check list’ for the FBOs which considers all the critical points while working in food business unit. Such basic, yet effective food safety management system should be adopted by all FBOs, so that the system can provide a proven framework of checks and balances to significantly reduce the food safety issues. Such food safety management system will also help BAFRA with the current shortage of food safety inspectors and to target food business units that do not comply with norms put in place.

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