Tour Diary, February-March 2017: Hon’ble MoAF Minister visit to Eastern Bhutan

A young lady tries her hand at using a mini power tiller
A young lady tries her hand at using a mini power tiller at Tsengkhar

18 February, 2017: The Hon’ble Agriculture and Forests Minister, Lyonpo Yeshey Dorji is currently in the east of the country to meet RNR staff and farmers and also to inaugurate/visit various RNR activities.

On February 12, Lyonpo met with the Dasho Dzongdags of the six eastern Dzongkhags along with the Dzongkhags’ Agriculture, Livestock, Planning and Accounts Officers during the Regional Program Implementation Committee Meeting of CARLEP in Mongar. He instructed all six Dzongkhags to find out the fallow land status of their respective Dzongkhags and collaborate with the Farm Machinery Corporation Limited to revitalise the fallow land. He also shared his concern on the increasing number of Gongtongs and youth unemployment and encouraged the Dzongkhags to explore possible mitigation measures. He also advocated the importance of waste management and encouraged to educate people on waste management through awareness programs and campaigns, especially on the 9th of every month.

On February 13, Lyonpo accompanied the Khempo Karpo’s Kudung to Takila.

On February 14, Lyonpo inaugurated the Domkhar Land Development Program at Tshenkhar geog. About 46 acres of land will be developed for easy mechanisation and the program will benefit 65 households. He interacted with the Domkhar community and urged them not to leave their lands fallow. He also advocated the nutritional benefits of eggs and encouraged farmers to rear at least three poultry birds per husehold. Birds would be supplied free of cost to interested farmers.

In the afternoon, Lyonpo graced the farm mechanisation demonstration program at Tshenkhar. Twelve power tillers were deployed to demonstrate and provide hands on training to farmers. Such a program is very useful especially in remote areas. Women were particularly interested in mini power tillers and it was amazing to see women coming forward to participate in such a program. Similar program will continue in all Dzongkhags as part of his rural tour.

In the evening, Lyonpo met with staff of Autsho Central School and advocated important aspects such as nutrition security, the nutritional benefits of eggs and also encouraged teachers to institute a system of 3 eggs per child per week. He advocated on the importance of waste management and encouraged staff to lead by example. He further encouraged teachers to support most vulnerable students like orphans, girls and needy students.

On February 15, Lyonpo attended the opening session of the 2nd Lhuentse Dzongkhag Tshogde (DT). At the session, he encouraged the DT members to table the Gongtong and fallow land issue and deliberate seriously. He also shared that the government will be establishing cold storage and processing plant each in all Dzongkhags. He assured to act on the DT resolution.

He also met with the Principal, Teachers and staffs of Lhuentse Higher Secondary School and advocated on nutrition security aspects, school agriculture program and the importance of providing three eggs per child per week. He also handed over a Green House Polythene sheet and books to the school.

In an effort to promote the farm mechanisation in Bhutan, he graced the farm mechanisation demonstration in Zhongmey.

At the Sertsham Dairy and Native Poultry Farm
En route to Mongar at the Sertsham Dairy and Native Poultry Farm

On February 16, en route to Trashiyangtse, Lyonpo visited ARDC Wengkhar research trial sites, biofertiliser compost yard and CARLEP office in Wengkhar. He also launched the CARLEP website.

On the way to Trashiyangtse, he visited Khamdang Dairy Farm in Kencholing. The farm is owned by a graduate youth which was established through support of a REDCL and a Loden Foundation loan. He has a jersey cow and six Kiran fries with eight calves. In the evening he met with staff of the Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary and Principals of Schools in Trashiyangtse.

Lyonpo will be on tour till March 12 during which he will attend the opening of Yarbang Farm Road and distribute power tillers in Trashigang, inaugurate the Keleykha farmshop in Mongar, inaugurate Park Office, grace ground breaking ceremony of Pam Farm Road and meet with farmers in Lhuentse and hand over power tillers and green houses and inaugurate Menchari Farm Road in Pemagatshel among many others. He will also attend the opening of the Wildlife Rescue and Rehab Centre in Jigmeling, Sarpang.


  • Submitted by Nima Phuntsho Sherpa, Policy and Planning Division, MoAF


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