TOT on Electric Fencing to RNR staff of Chukha

PD NPPC briefs the ToT Participants
PD NPPC briefs the ToT Participants

19 May, Chukha. The National Plant Protection Centre (NPPC), Department of Agriculture conducted a week long “Hands on Training Program on Electric Fencing System” for the RNR staff of 11 geog in Chukha Dzongkhag from 14th May to 20th May at Bjabcho geog.

The Electric Fencing in Bjabcho geog is a pilot project of the Ministry in the Chukha Dzongkhag. While talking to the participants, they said that the geog intend to set up around 6 km long electric fence surrounding approximately 300 acres of land as per the google map.

The core objective of the training was to provide Knowledge and skills on establishing the Electric Fencing System which will produce a regional core technical team. The regional technical team comprising of RNR representatives will in turn disseminate the knowledge and skills acquired to the various stakeholders and farmers in their community.

Bjabcho geog is mainly known for the cultivation of potato, Paddy, wheat and vegetables but due to intrusion from the wild, most of the lands were kept barren or deserted.

With the hands on training on Electric Fencing System, it is aimed to reduce Human wildlife conflict thereby enabling the farmers to harvest their full yield. The fence will provide crop protection and also increase land cultivation.

With the completion of ToT, the resource persons presented the review of their week long work and progress.

ToT participant on work
ToT participant on work

Ms. Yeshey Dema, Program Director of NPPC in her Closing remark stated “the training has been ended, now it’s your responsibility” and hence encouraged the participants to come forth for any queries to enable them for the successful implementation of EFS.

The Bjabcho Gup thanked the Ministry for the support of the equipments and the NPPC for their technical assistance. He also shared his interest to support the establishment of such EFS in other needy villages through Geog Development Grant.

The signing of Bylaws will be held on 21st of May.

Reported by Tashi Yangzom and Photo by Choidup Zangpo, ICS

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