The First World Wetlands Day celebrated

Public of two Geog, Phubkji and GangteyFebruary 2, Wangdue: The first World Wetlands Day on disaster risk reduction was celebrated in Gangtey-Phobji Ramsar Site. The officials from the Department of Forest and Park Services, Watershed Management Division, Wangdue Territorial Division and the public of two geogs of Gangtey and Phobji had attended the event.

It is noted that the frequency of natural hazards worldwide has more than doubled in just 35 years. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicts more extreme weather events as the effects of climate change are felt around the world, while according to UN-Water, some 90% of all natural hazards are water-related.

The wetlands covers a range of ecosystem types such as lakes, rivers, floodplains and coastal mangroves and they provide a range of important services for both people and the environment. It acts as natural safeguards against disasters, protecting communities most at risk and vulnerable to the devastating effects of floods, droughts and storm surges. They provide multiple benefits, and act as buffers against the effects of extreme weather events.

The participants were urged to promote actions that lead to the conservation and sustainable use of the world’s wetlands and to help spread its importance.

The event was organised by Watershed Management Division in collaboration with Wangdue Territorial Division.

-Reported by Tashi Yangzom with photos by Choidup Zangpo, ICS

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