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  • Biogas Plant Training course for Masons and Supervisors

    Dasho Dzongdag awarding the certificates
    Dasho Dzongdag awarding the certificates

    15-26 March, Samdinkgha, Punakha: A two week long training from 15-26 March for masons and supervisors to construct biogas plants was organised in Samdingkha Geog by the Biogas Project in collaboration with Dzongkhag Livestock Sector, Punakha Dzongkhag. Twenty masons and 12 supervisors were trained on the construction and installation of biogas plants. The masons were farmers from 11 Geogs who have basic skills in construction. The supervisors were livestock extension officers from 11 RNR Centres. During the training, six biogas plants were constructed in Samdingkha Gewog. The training provided the participants with knowledge and skills on constructing  and installing biogas plants. They will now be able to assist interested farmers who wish to construct biogas plants in the rural households in 11 Geogs.

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