Surveillance and sample collection training for H7N9 held

Veterinarians and technicians with Director and FAO representative

20-21 October, Paro: Eight veterinary officers and 16 laboratory technicians attended a two days training on Avian Influenza A ((H7N9) emergency surveillance and sample collection techniques organsied by the National Centre for Animal Health, Serbithang.

The training sensitised and updated the participants on the current situation of H7N9 in the region and shared them epidemiology of H7N9, its diagnostic approaches and risk communication strategies. The participants were also imparted skills and knowledge about surveillance protocols for H7N9. They also received hands-on training on sample collection methods, preservation and dispatch for H7N9.

The training was chaired by the Livestock Director, Dr. Tashi Samdup. Also present were the representatives from FAO-Nepal and FAO-Bhutan. The training was conducted at the Namsay Chhoeling Resort with fund support from FAO.

Following the training, the participants are now prepared to undertake the emergency surveillance for H7N9 viruses in the country scheduled to be taking place from November.

Submitted by National Centre for Animal Health, Serbithang

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