Supporting Green Compensatory Plantation

IMG_20180603_094926_HDRThimphu, June 2: Coinciding with the Social Forestry Day, the Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL) partnered with Bank of Bhutan Limited (BoBL) and Druk Air Corporation Limited for plantation at 4 hectares of area at Chang Debsi under the initiative of “Supporting Green Compensatory Plantation’ (SGCP). A total of 6,400 noss of tree seedlings comprised of Pinus wallichina and Quercuss sp. have been planted. Funding support for this activity including maintenance up to five years is extended by the two companies.

SGCP is an important initiative of DHI introduced in 2017 to encourage DHI owned companies in tree plantation program. It includes afforestation in blank areas, reforestation in degraded/deforested areas, rehabilitation of fire burnt and pest/disease affected areas. The program also includes plantation to protect the watershed areas and commercial tree plantation.

NRDCL as the implementing agency is responsible for identification of plantation area, implement plantation program and maintenance of plantation till it is fully established. Whereas, the DHI Companies will financially support the plantation program based on the principle of ‘pay and adopt’ model.

Earlier in 2017, NRDCL in partner with other DHI Companies has created 22 hectares of plantation with an investment of Nu. 3.95M. This includes four hectares plantation at Sangaygang and six hectares at Langjophaka in Thimphu respectively by BoBL and Bhutan Telecom Ltd; four hectares at Chendebji in Trongsa by Bhutan Power Corporation; eight hectares at Gelephu in Sarpang by Druk Green Power Corporation. A total of 35,200 number of tree seedlings was planted.

From 1989 to 2017, NRDCL has created 2069.78 hectares of plantation across the country and 881.36 hectares of established plantation was handed over to the Department of Forests and Pak Services in 2015. Apart from the compensatory plantation, NRDCL in 2018 will create 58.35 hectares of plantation with an investment of Nu. 3.75M and further maintain an existing plantation of 448 hectares with investment totaling Nu. 6.00M.




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