Successfully rescue and relocation of a Himalayan Serow

serow19 March 2014, GPS location: N 27’19.313′ and E 089’33.653′, Altitude: 2140m: An emergency out call was sent by the Wildlife Conservation Division to rescue a female Himalayan Serow (Scientific name: Capricornis sumatraensis) at the place known as Char Kilo, on the way to the road under construction to the sit of the Education City. The rescue team reached the site at 12:30 am and the very active serow of around 6-7 years age was caught using a nylon rope on the tree. There were no injuries to the serow and the forestry official on duty at the site said the serow’s habitat could be above the Education city construction site and the labourers might have chased away the serow.


The team initially planned on releasing the serow which weighed about 70-80 kg on the same range after physically capturing it but looking at the number of humans at the site there was a high chance that the serow could be killed for meat. Therefore the Himalayan serow was tranquilised and relocated to the natural forest at the top of Tshaluna.


Submitted by Tshencho Tshering
Sr.Forest Ranger III

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