Study visit for Land Use Certificate Project Youths

The Agriculture and Research Development Centre (ARDC)-Wengkhar and Trashiyangtse Dzongkhag conducted a study visit on 4-5 September for 11 youths who has recently started the Land Use Certificate (LUC) Project in Tsendung, Trashiyangtse.

The youths attended an awareness program on commercial farming at Wengkhar and nearby commercial farms in Mongar especially those initiated by youths such as Mongar agro-processing enterprise by four youths and a youth initiated commercial farm in Jangdung.

They also visited and observed demonstrations on smart irrigation systems, solar drier technology, mushroom and commercial farming models developed by the centre.

The youths in Tsendung is cultivating quinoa, asparagus, passion fruit, sweet buckwheat, millet, poultry and dairy farming with funds from the LUC, RGoB and CARLEP- IFAD.


Submitted by ARDC-Wengkhar


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