Strengthening Vegetable Groups in Lhuentse through CARLEP project

131 December-7 January, Lhuentse: The training on strengthening of existing vegetable groups in Maenbi and Maedtsho geog was carried out by Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector in collaboration with Geog Administration. The training was focused to those groups that defunct after few years of initial establishment. Two vegetable groups in the Dzongkhag were found to have declined in it’s working mechanism. Hence, these particular groups had reached the critical stage of failing and required upgradation.

The sector assembled issues and challenges on why the group remained inactive and defunct in the mid of progressing. Thus, lack of coordination and cooperation among members were found to be the core issues that lead groups to remain inactive.

Thus, the group members were trained on the change management, organization and groups management, proficient leadership, record keeping, financial management, negotiation and conflict management, building of team work, participation, governing of group, planning and implementing activities, communication, networking and revised their working by-laws.

The total of 12 members (Male: 3, Female: 9) from Khamdar Vegetable and Mushroom group under Meanbi geog, and 34 members (Male: 8, Female: 26) from Tshangthromey Vegetable Production Group under Maedtsho geog attended the group strengthening program. The group members were made familiar with concept of working in groups and its management.

Hereafter, groups will also undergo commercial vegetable production and move into CARLEP value chain program. The group strengthening was supported by CARLEP/IFAD.

Reported by Kinzang Thinley, AES and Dorjee, Sr. DAO

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