Spot Quotation Call to Hire a Vehicle

The office of National Research centre for Riverine and Lake Fisheries, DoL, MoAF, Haa invites sealed bids from the interested eligible bidders for hiring of vehicle for one and half months.

Sl.NoType of VehicleRate/kmLocal ChargesRemarks
1Bolero (Model 2014 and above)


Your bid should reach to the undersigned on or before 10:00 AM dated 28th March, 2017 and shall be opened on the same date at 11:00 Am at NRCR&LF office, Haa.

Terms and Conditions for hiring of vehicle:-

  1. The rates quoted shall be inclusive of costs of the fuel/ charges/levies/taxes, incidental charges etc.
  2. The bidder should provide experienced and licensed driver.
  3. The concerned offer in-charge will record the mileage from time to time.
  4. The payment will be made only after the contract time.
  5. Sealed cover containing the quotation shall be marked “Quotation No” which shall be opened on 20th March, 2017 at 11: 00 AM sharp.
  6. The decision of the committee will be final and binding.
  7. No mileage will be allowed to drivers for lunch/breakfast or for drawl of petrol/ diesel etc.
  8. The vehicle to be provided should be in excellent condition mechanically as well getup wise, i.e. outer body /upholstery etc should be decent looking and the model of the vehicle should be above 20 14.
  9. The Centre would be free to use the hired vehicle in any manner for carrying officials, materials etc as per its requirement and the firm will not have any objection to it.
  10. The vehicle with the Driver should be at the disposal of this Centre till completion of services.
  11. No advance payments, in any case.
  12. Rate Km will be calculated only if the distance travelled crosses 100 km per day.


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