Slurry Product – Bio-Fertiliser for Sale

Ready slurry product for sale
Ready slurry product for sale

The National Piggery Development Centre under Department of Livestock, Gelephu is venturing in production and marketing of Bio-fertilizer from its 75 CC Bio-gas plant fueled by pig waste for its optimum utilisation.

The slurry product is highly decomposed organic by-product essential for enrichment of soil fertility. The by-product can be used both in fresh and dried form as a manure.

At NPiDC, the excess slurry product is dried for a week and is packed in sack for sale. Although, it requires an additional work force, it keeps farm attendant engaged all day round and generates some income. The organisation plans to contribute at least a small amount to the revenue if business goes as planned.

A bag of 30 kgs dried “black gold” will cost Nu. 200 per bag (appx. Nu. 6.6/kg).

All interested customers who are engaged in horticulture, floriculture and nursery raisers can directly contact the Head of Farm Attendant, Mr. Phuntsho at Bmobile no. 17669319. The service will be available at all hours but on a first come first basis.

NPiDC, Gelephu



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