Sixth Nomad Festival Held at Thangbe

Stalls to showcase the unique culture and tradition of nomads
Stalls to showcase the unique culture and tradition of nomads

24 Feb, Bumthang: The two day sixth nomad festival was organized at Thangbee ground in Chokhoer geog in Bumthang from 23 to 24 February 2015

According to the Park Manager of Wangchuck Centennial National Park (WCNP)., the festival themed “Promoting harmony for bio-cultural diversity” was organized to give a good platform to the nomads to showcase their unique culture and tradition to other Bhutanese and tourist. This, he said, is being done through various exhibitions on the nomadic handicrafts, textiles, diary products, cuisines and others.

Speaking to the gathering, the chief guest finance minister Namgay Dorji said that the day should also be used as an occasion to recollect and thank the work done by the successive monarchs for the betterment of the Bhutanese citizens. He also urged the nomads to use the occasion to showcase and market their unique way of life.

Various entertainment programs were held to the gathering
Various entertainment programs were held to the gathering

As part of the celebration, a goem (Mahakala) and lham (Mahakali) chham, yak chham and several other mask dances were showcased to the gathering in addition to the dances by the dzongkhag dancers and students. Traditional Bhutanese games like khuru, sokum, jigdum, and pundo were also exhibited to the gathering.

The festival was held within encompasses of Wangchuck Centennial Park (WCP), the largest protected area in the country. It is source to headwaters of four major river systems in the country: Punatsangchu, Mangdechu, Chamkharchu and Kurichu. It represents the middle Himalayan ecological biomes, ranging from blue pine forests to alpine meadows, over an altitude of 2,500 to 5,100 meters. The park is home to 244 species of vascular plants, 23 species of large mammals and 134 bird species. Charismatic wildlife species such as the Royal Bengal Tiger, Snow leopard , Wolf, Takin and Himalayan Black bear are found in the park.

The sixth annual Nomads Festival was organised by WCNP in collaboration with Toursim Council of Bhutan (TCB).

Reported by Kinley Tshering

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