Shortlisted Candidates for Indian Forestry Services Scholarship

As per the approval of the Ministry during its 437th HRC Meeting held on July 1, 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to announce the shortlisted candidates for selection of Indian Forestry Services Scholarship under the Government of India funding.

Sl. No.NameEIDPT/ PLPlace of PostingRemarks
1Cheten Thinley9908054Sr. Forestry Officer, P3 AUWICERShortlisted
2Yog Raj Chhetri9908075Sr. Forestry Officer, P3 AUWICERShortlisted
3Sonam Wangmo20200116262Forestry Officer P4 ATrashigang DivisionShortlisted
4Kinga Norbu2108020Sr. Forestry Officer, P3 AFPEDShortlisted
5Choden20200116260Forestry Officer, P4 AS/J DivisionShortlisted
6Tsheltrim Dorji20190112911Forestry Officer, P4 AParo DivisionShortlisted


The interview date and schedule will be intimated upon confirmation of the interview panelist.


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