Shortlisted candidates for ESP

As per the announcement made in Ministry of Agriculture & Forests’ (MoAF) website and Druk Yoedzer newspaper vide our letter no. 3(3)DoL/CRC/W/2017-1/283, on dated 15 November 2017, the Regional Cattle Research Farm, Wangkha, Chukha under the Department of Livestock is pleased to announce the shortlisted candidates for the following posts under ESP Cadre.

The above shortlisted candidates are requested to report for the Selection Interview at Regional Cattle Research Farm, Wangkha, Chukha on 8 December 2017 at 10.30 positively with original documents, failing which his/her selection will not be entertained.

For any enquiry, please call at 17681388/17735970 during office hours.


Sl. no.NameCID No.Remarks
1Jak Bahadur Rai11204002484Animal Attendants
2Kinga10205001545Animal Attendants
3Sumitra Rai11206005071Animal Attendants
4Bhima Devi Rai11206005075Animal Attendants
5Sonam Rinchen11512001219Animal Attendants
6Tshering Zangmo10709004377Animal Attendants
7Kalpana Rai11206005092Animal Attendants
8Leki Wangchuk11108000231Animal Attendants
9Bishnu Maya Chuwan20304000116Animal Attendants
10Som Maya Rai11205001588Animal Attendants
11Sherab Wangdi11108000233Animal Attendants
12Tshering Dema11106004698Animal Attendants
13Karna Bahadur Gurung11212000314Pasture Attendant
14Mangal Singh Gurung11212000366Pasture Attendant
15Shangkal Gurung11212001945Pasture Attendant
16Shanta Maya Gurung11212001938Pasture Attendant
17Sher Bahadur Gurung11213003300Pasture Attendant
18Tika Ram Subba21216000560Pasture Attendant
19Sarsati Ghalley11213003328Pasture Attendant
20Harka Bahadur Gurung10205005452Pasture Attendant
21Kamala Devi Chhetri10205003300Pasture Attendant
22Tshering Zam10205001547Pasture Attendant
23Sarasati Devi Gurung11309001863Pasture Attendant
24Indra Maya Chhetri10211000925Pasture Attendant
25Mukta Dhungana11803001897Pasture Attendant


– Regional Cattle Research Farm, Wangkha, Chukha


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