Shortlisted candidate for the post of GSP & ESP

The Regional Center for Aquaculture, Phuntshothang is pleased to announce the shortlisted candidate for the post of GSP and ESP.

Note: The shortlisted candidate are requested to report for the selection interview as mentioned as scheduled above failing which his/her selection will not be entertained.Further all the candidate are requested to produce original documents during the time of selection interview.

SlName of the CandidateCIDInterview Schedule
1Mr.Ran Bahadur Lungeli11307001649 

Venue: Regional Center for Aquaculture,Phuntshothang





Date: 28th September 2016








Time: 10.00 Am sharp

2Mr.Bal Bahadur Gurung21109000021
3Mr.Dorji Gyeltshen11107000771
4Mr.Sang Dorji Tamang11109000113
5Mr.Prem Kumar Gurung11109001455
6Mr.Nima Gyeltshen11506002824
7Mr.Suliman Gurung11109000074
8Miss Beda Dema11603000026
10Mr.Chandra Bahadur Rai11109000877
11Mr.Shree Bahadur Tamang11109000112
12Mr.Asho Kumar Gurung11109000050
13Mr.Ash Bahadur Subba11109000775
14Mr.Krishna Lal Sanyasi11108001104
15Mr.Hem Raj Bhugel11108000853
16Mr.Dhan Bahadur Subba11108001151


-RCA, Phuntshothang

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